3 Best Horseback Riding Sports Bras To Protect Your Breasts

best horseback riding bras

I know from intensive research of running bras, that taking care of your breasts, particularly when taking part in high movement activities is extremely important. But when I went to research the best horseback riding sports bras I found there was not a lot of information available.

If you’re new to MySportsUnderwear.com I highly recommend you check out my detailed article on high impact sports bras for running. Its located here, and contains a lot of information about how your breasts move while you exercise, and what effects this can have.

You can also check out the Horse Rider’s guide to bras compiled by the British Equestrian Trade Association in conjunction with the British Equestrian Federation, the University of Portsmouth and Sparshott College for further fit and equestrian bra advice.

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How to choose a sports bra for Equestrian Activities?

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Following on from the high impact sports bra article, you know its important to make sure you have a well-fitting, correctly supportive sports bra in good condition. The construction of the sports bra is particularly important in equestrian sports because if something goes wrong, the last thing you have time to do is adjust a drooping bra strap while trying to sit an unexpected canter pirouette!

Just like choosing a running bra, your horseback riding sports bra needs to take into account the impact level of the activity that you will be undertaking. In my experience, I have more vertical breast movement doing a sitting trot on an extravagantly moving warmblood than I do when I’m running, and therefore would be choosing a high impact sports bra for dressage.

What about the colour and design?

Choosing a sports bra to compete in has additional complications – if jackets are excused you do not want your sports bra showing through your rat-catcher or stock shirt, so you will probably be restricted to white or flesh tone colours.

On the design front, we all know that bare shoulders add to injuries when you inevitably do that unexpected dismount, so we wouldn’t dare ride without at least a t-shirt over top, but don’t forget the bulk added by jackets and / or back protectors.

There is very little as painful as rubs from your underwear on a multi-hour hack or trail ride, except maybe if all the seams line up with pressure points from your back protector. The concentrated pressure onto that tiny seam (which ideally is flat-locked to prevent rubs) becomes the focal point of the ride, and forget trying to take off or shift that back protector on the ride – at best you’ll have to carry it and at worst your horse could spook with your arms tangled in it causing a nasty fall.

So where does this leave us?equestrian sports bra sunset

Firstly, we need to clarify a couple of points – there is a difference between a proper sports bra, and a “Support Top” or Crop top style.

A support top or crop top style use compression-only and is usually suitable for low to low/moderate impact activities. It is usually designed for comfort first often with flat seams, no tags and wicking material. Its support can be sufficient for A and B cup breasts, and depending on your desired activity, anatomy, age, breast size and existing levels of breast droop they may suit you.

A high impact sports bra usually included multiple methods of supporting the breasts, often encapsulating the breasts using defined cups. They may also contain multiple layers and types of fabric with additional seaming to provide rigidity where necessary and keep the breasts and torso moving together as one unit.

So what Horseback Riding Sports Bras Exist on the market today?


Enell Sports Bras (Affiliate Link)

  • They use hook and eye fasteners – making the Enell sports bras easy to get into and out of
  • Fasten from the bottom allowing you to adjust your breasts as you put it on for best fit
  • The fit is snug and feels tighter than your everyday bra, this is the way that they are designed to give maximum support and comfort.


  • comfortable
  • exceptional support


  • no padding over nipples
  • seam across breasts which is visible through athletic clothing

Cheata Sports Bras (Affiliate Link)

Designed for fitness and tactical environments, Cheata Sports & Tactical clothing are designed to provide the support of 2 to 3 sports bras together in one garment for intensive activities.

  • Compression style sports bras eliminating neck pulling and shoulder pulling for improved posture and proper sports form
  • Fastens using a downward zipper
  • resistant to chafing, rubbing and stretching movement
  • moisture wicking


  • comfortable
  • no chaffing
  • reduced shoulder pressure felt with other sports bras


  • one reviewer suggested not as supportive as the Enell
  • It has been reported to roll up when you get a bit sweaty

Derriere Equestrian have released the DE Sportief Bra (Affiliate Link)

Designed specifically with the equestrian in mind, the DE Sportief Bra has been designed to provide the necessary breast support while avoiding the classic equestrian problems of falling bra straps, visibility under clothing and difficult removal after hot and sweaty rides.

  • It has full support designed for high impact activities but without underwires
  • with a front zip to get you in and out with ease
  • Racerback to assist with thoracic support and encouraging improved core muscle stability


  • Padding to the shoulder straps to help prevent neck and shoulder pain
  • made with dry wicking fabric
  • Seamless construction


  • Sizing is restricted starting at a 32 – 38 B/C/D cups and ending at 36-38 E cup
  • only available in white with nude detail at the time of writing

So what next then?

My choice of sports bra for horseback riding is clear cut after this research – I’m going for the Derriere Sportief Bra – but that’s because neither the Enell nor the Cheata cater to my size (I’m fairly slight with A/B cups). However, for the more well-endowed ladies, the Enell sports bras have a large and loyal following of ladies participating in all sports, including equestrian activities.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite sports bra for horseback riding that we should be considering? Please let us know by leaving a comment. If you’re interested in riding underwear too – you might also like our post on the 3 Best Equestrian Underwear Brands.

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