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3 Best Horseback Riding Sports Bras

I know from intensive research of running bras, that taking care of your breasts, particularly when taking part in high movement activities is extremely important. But when I went to research the best horseback riding sports bras I found there was not a lot of information available. If you’re new...

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High Impact Sports Bras for Running

You’ve just started a new running program, or you’re in the shop replacing that worn-out sports bra (yes ladies, like all other bras they do succumb to the 6-month rule replacement rule too – or, depending on use 30 – 40 washes, or even 3 for every pair of new...


Women’s Sports Underwear – Good or Bad?

Perfect underwear of any sort makes you feel like a million bucks, this is probably why top lingerie is so expensive! However, get it wrong and every woman knows the persistent discomfort that comes from an ill-fitting thong, or a pinching bra. Even more awkward than everyday lingerie, woman’s sports...


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